Virus, Malware, Spyware, and Rootkit Removal

Identify the Problem

You do not have to buy another computer, your viruses and malware can be removed. We can get your computer up and running again, sometimes better than when you first turned it on. Virus Removal is guaranteed to be removed or your system will be rebuilt from Factory Image or a new image will be created and your data re-incorporated.

Signs your computer has a virus:

  • Slow performance
  • Unable to launch or start programs
  • No startup icons available
  • Pop-up messages or advertisements
  • Messages claiming your pc is infected
  • Request or demand to purchase software now
  • Other websites or search engines redirecting your search results
  • System shutdowns or reboots
  • System bluescreen of death BSOD or black screen of death errors
  • System did not startup properly (Vista/Windows7)
  • Mac’s (you will require a complete system restore)

The first thing you should do is disconnect your computer from the internet. Stop the fuel to the fire by restricting the virus from downloading any further software to infect your computer.

Most other computer repair stores request you connect to their service online; this is NOT suggested. You can NOT remove a virus while connected to the Internet. As there may be a Rootkit virus and as soon as you reboot your system you will become re-infected.

Questions & Answers

What if I don’t want to remove the virus right now?

The best course of action is to have the infection removed, as delaying could lead to a more severe problem or even data loss. Viruses are destructive and are known to delete information from systems.

What if I can’t afford your virus removal service?

If you can’t afford our plans, we can setup a payment plan to meet most needs.

What if I delete my temp files after infection?

DO NOT DELETE your temp files, all your program shortcuts and files may be HIDDEN in your temp folder, if you delete them – a rebuild of your system will be required. Whether you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may have a virus or spyware.

Viruses, Spyware, Malware, Trojans, Worm & Rootkit Removal

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, your computer may be infected by malware.
  • Pop-up messages or other advertisements suggesting you scan or purchase now
  • Messages claiming that your pc is infected; but you can’t shut or quit the program
  • Slow, sluggish, lockups or even BSOD (blue screen of death)
  • Unexpected or unpredictable web browser behavior
  • Web browser redirects to unknown websites
  • System shutdown or restarts without warning
  • Missing shortcuts or desktop ICONS
  • Program Links to all programs in start menu missing

Kingwood PC Rx, Inc. has extensive experience at removing all viruses and malware from your system. We don’t run a scan or remote your computer for virus removal, nor do we remove a virus in less than 90 minutes. We do however, take the time necessary to back up your data, manually identify the rogue files, properly remove all viruses, spyware, malware, trojans, worms manually. Furthermore we uninstall all client installed programs that resulted in recent infection, remove any rootkits, TIF’s, bad registry keys, any locked files, restore program links, restore desktop ICONS, & restore wallpaper/desktop.

Most of the time we are able to fully recover your system; but with viruses, system corruption is likely and is not found out until our virus removal is attempted. Because of this we understand that additional charges will not be applied and we will rebuild or preform a factory re-installation of your system at no charge. Also, we will reincorporate your data, drivers, updates, service packs, standard applications (java, flash, etc) and office software if license keys are available.

Other computer companies claim that your viruses were removed in an hour or less, some will try to remote control via the internet. While others like the “geeksquad” remote your system from another state. The big store fronts claim virus removal for cheap. Well we do it right the first time and stand behind our work.

Kingwood PC Rx, Inc. is not responsible for your reinfection; but we try to determine how you got infected in the first place and inform you as to how it happened so that you can prevent further infections in the future.

Possible infections are caused by

  • Old or outdated drivers, applications, programs, service packs, updates turned off
  • Outdated Antivirus Program or FREE Antivirus
  • System has never been cleaned
  • Installation of “Freeware”, Games, Wallpapers, Smiley Faces
  • Access of inappropriate sites
  • Coupon Sites, Ad Sites (clicked by you), Websites that are off beaten path (misspelled, odd name)

Virus Removal Process

  • Backup hard drive data
  • Analyze your backup
  • Identify viruses, malware, and spyware
  • List other programs related to viruses
  • Manually remove all associated files
  • Delete additional temporary system files
  • Scan for Rootkits
  • Update Clients Antivirus or Install Webroot

Optimize System Included in Virus Removal Process

  • Update Operating System
  • Update Additional Software
  • Update or Install Latest Flash, Reader, Java 32/64 bit
  • Update Office products
  • Scan and Defragment Drive

If virus removal is not successful, computer system will be rebuilt from factory or OEM original Operating System Load, including all Service Packs, latest manufacture drivers, updates, and standard applications: Adobe Reader, Flash, Shockwave, Java (32/64), ccleaner & defraggler.

No system will be returned with a virus, We Guarantee your system will be cleaned.

We also are a Webroot Channel Partner and support all versions of their antivirus protection.

Definitions & Additional Information

Viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, worms and rootkits are all forms of malware “malicious software”. They are programs designed to run on your computer without your consent; but could have been installed by you unknowingly if you downloaded games, wallpapers, smiley faces, unlicensed software, torrent files, illegally obtained files or program, etc. However, they are also installed accidentally or via stealth, hidden during installation. Once present, no matter what you do, they will not go away.

Malicious Software uses scare tactics an make you believe that your system is infected with thousands of viruses and they prompt you to click now to install or scan your system to remove them. That is not true, it is the VIRUS and first thing you should do is disconnect your system from the internet and call a professional to proceed to the next step.

Some examples of malware

So named because of their ability to replicate themselves and spread to other machines, some semi-recent examples are the melissa and i love you viruses. Viruses are destructive; they typically destroy or delete information, data, system files, etc.
A program that resides in the master boot record of the system, hidden by all users including the Administrator or Owner. Rootkits are very bad, and if not removed properly; when your system restarts, you become re-infected.
A program that resides upon your computer that collects information about you (websites you visit, passwords you type in, etc.) without your knowledge. Normally, the data collected will be sent or uploaded to a remote server to be exploited for nefarious purposes later. A keylogger is an example of a spyware program. Spyware is responsible for identity theft of your information, passwords, banking information, credit cards, etc.
A program that automatically displays advertisements to the user without permission. Pop-ups and the user's web browser are common advertisement delivery mechanisms. Adware is normally installed via free programs, these programs list there installation exceptions to allow you to accept or decline at installation. If you decline the program will not install. If you accept they may reserve the right to install programs, redirect your web browser, or provide vendor pop-ups if you choose to accept their terms to use their program, game, wallpaper, screensaver.

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